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Creating a project area template for quality management

By using the Engineering Workflow Management Eclipse client, you can extract a quality management project area as a template and initialize new project areas with the settings from that template.

About this task

You can supplement the template with quality management data from outside the process, including test categories, custom attributes, quality objectives, execution states, risk profiles, and artifact preferences. When you extract the process template, it will include the quality management attachments. You can then create project areas based on the template.


  1. In the Engineering Workflow Management Eclipse client, open the Team Artifacts view.
  2. Connect to the repository where the Quality Management project area resides.
    1. Provide the URI of the server, a user ID, and a password.
    2. Click Manage Connected Project Areas. For details, see Connecting to repositories and project areas.
  3. Extract the process template of the project area:
    1. Right-click the project area and click Extract Process Template. The Create Process Template window opens.
      Extract Process Template
    2. Type a name for the process template, for example, myteam_base_template.
    3. In the Process ID field, type an identifier for the process template.
    4. In the Summary field, type a meaningful description, and then click Finish.

    After you extract the process from the connected project area, you can see the process in the process templates view inside your repository connection.

    Extract Process Template
  4. Right-click the extracted process template and click Open to open the Process Template window.
  5. Click the Links tab and verify that the attachments were created.
    Links page of Process Template
  6. Click Save.
  7. Optional: After you create the template, you can view and edit it in the QM administrative web UI.
    1. Log on to the QM administration page. For details, see Logging in to the web client.
    2. Click the Templates tab and select the template that you created.
    3. Perform one of the available actions, which include Export, Delete, Edit, and Edit Process Description. (In terms of editing, you can edit the template name, ID, and summary.
  8. Create a project area and base it on the template.
    1. In the Process Template view, right-click the template and click New > Project Area.
    2. In the Choose Process Template window, select your template, and under Project Area Initialization, select Automatically initialize the Project Area on Finish as specified in the process template.
    3. Click Finish to create the project area.

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