Creating AppScan Enterprise test scripts

You can create a test script and use the Rational® AppScan® Tester Edition adapter to run a security test in IBM® Rational AppScan Tester Edition.


To create a Rational AppScan Tester Edition test script:

  1. In the main menu, click Construction > Create > Test Script.
  2. Select Rational AppScan Tester Edition test script type.
  3. In the Template section, select the template type to use while creating the scan. When the scan has been created, this information can no longer be modified.
  4. In the Verdict Strategy section, select a severity threshold that must be met for a related test case execution record or test suite execution record to pass or fail:
    1. High: Direct danger to your application, web server, or information
    2. Medium: Threat through unauthorized access to private areas, though the database and operating system are not at risk
    3. Low: Allow for unauthorized reconnaissance
    4. Information: Issues you should know about, not necessarily security issues
  5. Click Create Scan.
  6. Configure any additional properties required for the scan, click Save, and return to Engineering Test Management.


For more information, see the IBM Security AppScan Enterprise documentation.

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