Creating and viewing test cells

Test cells provide a way to conveniently group together a set of lab resources that describe a test environment. For example, a test cell might include an application server, database server, a client desktop computer, and a computer running the correct adapter to execute tests. You can reserve all the lab resources in the test cell for any duration that is not already reserved by another user. When you create test cells, base them on specific test environments and the type of test execution you use, especially if you choose to create test execution schedules.

Before you begin

Choose a test environment on which to base the test cell.


To create a test cell:

  1. In the main menu, click Lab Management > Create > Test Cell. The Create Test Cell editor opens.
  2. Click <Enter New Test Cell Name>, and type a name for the test cell. Give the test cell a name that reflects the test environment on which the test cell is based.
  3. In Type, select the type of lab resources that the test cell will contain. You have two options:
    • Machine
    • Virtual Image
  4. In Owner, enter the name of the person who is responsible for the test cell.
  5. Click <Click here to enter summary information>, and type a description of the test cell. You could type the name of the test environment on which the test cell is based and information about any execution schedules that could use this test cell.
  6. Expand Description and type a detailed description of the test cell. Click Preview to close the text editor.
  7. In Lab Resources, click Test environment (Configuration), select a test environment, and click OK. If any lab resources have the attributes that are specified in the test environment, the lab resource information displays those resources.
  8. Click the Assign a Lab Resource to each row icon (Assign lab resource to each row). If there are lab resources that meet the attributes that are defined in the test environment, the lab resources are displayed under Resource Name.
  9. Expand Machine Availability to reserve the test cell.
    1. In Reserve from, select a future date.
    2. In Reserve to, select a date later than the Reserve from date.
    Notice that the graph displays the dates that you selected.
  10. Click Save. The test cell that you created is reserved for the selected dates and is available for executing test cases, test suites, or test execution sequences. When you run a test script, test case, test suite or test execution schedule, after you click the Run icon (Play), you can select a test cell to use for test execution.
  11. In the main menu, click Lab Management > Browse > Test Cells. The test cell that you just created is displayed in the list. You can deploy or undeploy test cells from this page.

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