Creating and running Rational Integration Tester scripts in the Quality Management application

You can create a reference to a Rational® Integration Tester script the same way as you create any script in the Quality Management application.


  1. Click Construction > Create > Test Script.
  2. Select the script type as Rational Integration Tester.
  3. In the Integration Tester Script Details section, specify values for these fields:
    • Project: The name of the Rational Integration Tester project that contains the test to be executed. The project must be on the machine that is running the adapter.
    • Test Path: The project path that specifies the Rational Integration Tester test to execute, for example, addNumbers/addition/additionCheck.
    • Environment: The Rational Integration Tester environment that is used to execute the test.
  4. After you create the script, assign it to a test case and, optionally, assign the test case to a test suite.
  5. Run the test case or test suite, or generate a test case execution record or test suite execution record.
  6. Run the test case execution record or test suite execution record and select the Rational Integration Tester Agent adapter.

What to do next

After the Rational Integration Tester test runs, you can view the Result Details page to see information about the test run. The Test Summary section contains configuration information about the test. Click the link in the Raw Log row to view the test result log. You can also view the corresponding test results in the IBM® Rational Test Control Panel by clicking the Test Results on RTCP link and entering the name of the Rational Integration Tester database. For more information about Rational Integration Tester database configuration, see theRational Integration Tester documentation.

The Test Details section includes information about each test case, including a pass or fail icon. Click each test case in the list to view more information.

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