Configuring Engineering Test Managment and Engineering Requirements Management DOORS integrations

Starting in IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® (DOORS) Version 9.4, you can integrate DOORS and IBM Engineering Test Management (ETM) using the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) specification. OSLC enables you to create bidirectional links between test and requirement artifacts and display rich hover text when viewing DOORS requirements in test cases in ETM. In order to leverage the OSLC, you must set up communication between DOORS and ETM.

Before you begin

  • The following software is required:
  • You must have Jazz administrator rights as well as proper project permissions in ETM.
  • You must have database manager powers or custom user powers to manage the database in DOORS.
  • On Solaris and Linux® systems, the DOORSHOME property must be set in order to configure DOORS Web Access (DWA). For more information about installing DWA on your operating system, see the help topics under Configuring DOORS Web Access to use OSLC.

About this task

Integrating DOORS and ETM using the OSLC requires you to configure both applications properly. Make sure to first configure components of DWA and DOORS which are needed for the OSLC integration. See Configuring DOORS Web Access to use OSLC.