Associating test artifacts with parent test artifacts

When you work on planning artifacts, you associate different types of artifacts. For example, you associate a test plan with multiple test cases, and you associate a test case with one or more test scripts. These associations are supported through the artifact editor of the parent artifact. The test plan editor has a Test Cases section where you can add new or existing test cases to associate with the test plan. Similarly, the test case editor has a Test Scripts section where you can add new or existing test scripts to associate with the test case.

About this task

In version 6.0.5 and later, you can directly link a test artifact to a parent test artifact without navigating to the parent test artifact. You can link the following artifacts to parent test artifacts:
  • Test script to test case
  • Test case to test suite or test plan
  • Test suite to test plan

You can link the test artifact to an existing parent test artifact, or you can create a new parent test artifact. The following procedure describes how to link a test script to a test case, but you can link other test artifacts to parent test artifacts in the same way.


  1. Open an existing test script or create a test script.
  2. In the right pane of the test script editor, click Associate this test script with test case (Associate test script with test case) icon.
  3. In the Associate Test Script with Test Case window, select one of the following options:
    • Associate with New Test Case: Provide details for the test case such as the name, description, weight, template, and categories.
    • Associate with Existing Test Case: Select the test case from the list or search for the test case by using the search option.
  4. Optional: Open the test case in the editor by selecting the Open the new test case in the editor check box or the Open the selected test case in the editor check box.
  5. Click OK. The Parent Test Cases section in the right pane of the test script editor displays the associated test case. Similarly, you can link a test case to a test suite or test plan, or link a test suite to a test plan.

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