Assigning reviewers and approvers

As part of a formal test plan, test case, or test suite review process, you must assign team members to be reviewers or approvers.

Before you begin

Only users who have been granted permission and are a member of the related project can add reviewers and approvers. Permissions are controlled in Jazz™ Project Administration. In addition, the users whom you assign as reviewers and approvers must be members of the project to which the test plan, test case, or test suite belongs.

About this task

The system will notify these users when an approval/review record is created or modified for a QM artifact:

  • Approvers/reviewers of the record
  • Artifact creator
  • Artifact owner
Note: You must have configured to receive e-mails in your user profile page for the notification type.


To assign reviewers and approvers:

  1. Open a test plan, test case, or test suite.
  2. In the sections table of contents, click the Formal Review section.
  3. In the New drop-down list, select a review type: Review or Approval.
  4. Set a completion due date and a description.
  5. Add one or more approvers.
    1. Click Add approver.
    2. Type a name or the first few characters of a name to load the complete list of users in the project. You can use * and ? as wild card characters.
    3. In the Matching users field, click the user name of the person to assign as a reviewer or approver.
    4. To add that single user, click Add & Close; to add multiple users, click Add after each addition.
  6. When the test plan, test case, or test suite is ready to be reviewed, on the overview page in the Action list, select Ready for review.

    This changes the artifact state from Draft to Under Review and generates email notifications to the reviewers and approvers.

  7. Click Save.


The status of each person's review is listed as Pending. Each reviewer or approver completes the review, and changes the status from Pending to Approved or Rejected, see Reviewing test artifacts. The owner can click History to see the review history of the test artifact.

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