Estimating the weight of individual test cases

You can provide a more detailed estimate of the test execution effort by adding a weight value to each test case. Test case execution records inherit the weight of their associated test case.

About this task

Each test case can be assigned a weight value. How you assign the weight value can be determined using different criteria, such as importance to test effort or the relative complexity of the test case. For example, a test case that is assigned a weight of 100, could be twice as important or complex as a test case that has an assigned weight of 50. The weight should not be used as a measurement of time. If you are intending to measure the time that is assumed to be required for the test case, then use the Estimate field.

This detailed sizing information is used as input to several execution status reports, such as the TER Status Counts and Execution Status Using Weight reports. By assigning various weights to each test case, you can run accurate reports that consider both the absolute number of test cases that are run and an accurate measurement of the progress made against each test case.


To add weight to a test case:

  1. Open the Summary section of a test case for editing.
  2. Type a value for the relative weight of the test case as compared with other test cases.
  3. Click Save.

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