Adding test artifacts dashboard widgets in Engineering Test Management

You can select a test artifact widget to show query results that are related to an artifact type on a dashboard. The widget can show both personal and shared queries for all major test artifacts. You can also use a test statistics or a test matrix widget to display the query results for test artifacts in a graphical format, such as in bar charts, pie charts, column charts, and tables. With the test matrix widget, you can group any saved query results for test artifacts by using two attributes and show the results in a graphical format.

Before you begin

You must have one or more saved artifact queries.


  1. In the upper-right corner of the dashboard, click the Add Widget icon Add widget icon.
  2. From the Select Catalog list, select Quality Management.
  3. In the search field, type the kind of widget to use. For example, type test artifact widget.
  4. Click the widget to see its description and preview.
  5. Click the Add icon Add icon.
  6. To configure the widget, open the widget menu and click Settings.
    • From the drop-down menu, select the artifact type. The test artifact widget supports these artifacts:
      • Test plans
      • Test cases
      • Test suites
      • Test scripts
      • Test case execution records
      • Test suite execution records
      • Test case results
      • Test suite results
    • From the Presentation drop-down menu, choose the display options for the test artifact query result.
    • You can also select the columns to include in the widget by changing the display settings. The following table lists the columns that are shown by default:
      Artifact type Default column
      Test plan ID, Name
      Test case ID, Name
      Test script ID, Name
      Test suite ID, Name
      Test case execution record ID, Name, Last Result
      Test suite execution record ID, Name, Last Result
      Test case result ID, Name, Status
      Test suite result ID, Name, Status
  7. After you finish setting up the widget, save it, close the widget catalog, and save the dashboard.
    Note: If your project area has configuration management capabilities enabled, Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) report widgets are not available. For information about how to show BIRT query results on the dashboard when configuration management is enabled, see Dashboard widgets for BIRT reports in a configuration enabled project area.


The following example shows the test artifact widget. The test artifact is a test case and the query shows approved test cases. Example of the test artifact widget

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