Making shared resources available to test plans

Before you can browse to external test scripts that reside on shared network resources, an administrator must make the resources available. After the resources are available, you can associate the test plan with these shared network resources.


To associate the test plan with shared network resources:

  1. Click the Resources section of the test plan.
  2. Click the Add Resource Location icon (Add).
  3. Select the script type.
  4. Select the shared location.
  5. Optionally, select Include Plan and/or Include Test Iteration.
  6. Click OK.
    Note: When you choose to include the plan and iteration, you append variables to the project path. For example, the path might be D:\RFT workspace\Project1\($Test-Plan)\($Test-Iteration). During a test run, the variables, ($Test-Plan) and ($Test-Iteration), are replaced with the names of the test plan and iteration in which the test case execution record or test suite execution record is associated with, allowing versioning support. For example, if you use the same script for a different iteration, you can edit the test case execution record or test suite execution record with the new iteration name. When you run the script, it will be added to the new iteration folder.

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