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Adding quality objectives to test plans

You can add any predefined or user-defined quality objectives to an individual test plan and adjust the objectives as needed during the testing cycle.

About this task

Note: By default, an approved test plan is no longer open for editing. If a user modifies and attempts to save an approved test plan, the following message is displayed: Do not allow saving of an "Approved" or "Retired" artifact. To change this behavior, see Allowing users to edit approved artifacts.


To add a quality objective to a test plan and track it during the testing cycle:

  1. Add a quality objective to a test plan.
    1. In an open test plan, click either Quality Objectives, Entry Criteria, or Exit Criteria.
    2. Click the Add Row icon (Add table row).
    3. Select a row from the table.
    4. Click OK.
    5. Click Save to save the test plan.
  2. Track the quality objective at a later time.
    1. Open either the Quality Objectives, Entry Criteria, or Exit Criteria sections of a test plan.
    2. Refresh the predefined objectives with the most recent values by clicking the Evaluate Quality Objectives icon (Evaluate quality objectives). This causes Quality Management to gather the actual data associated with the objective and measure it against the expected value.
    3. Refresh the user-defined objectives by typing a value.
      Note: You can also type values for predefined objectives, but anything that you type will be recalculated by the software.
    4. Double-click the Status value in the objective's row to choose a status.
    5. Optionally, enter a comment by double-clicking on the objective's Comment cell.
    6. Click Save to save the test plan.

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