Displaying custom attributes in test artifacts

You can display custom attributes in supported test artifact sections so that testers and test managers can enter additional data.

Before you begin

First, you must define custom attributes for test artifacts in your project.


  1. Open a test artifact and show a section that supports customized columns. For example, open a test case and show the Development Items section.
  2. Click the Change Column Display Settings icon (Change Column Display Settings).
  3. In the Change Column Display Settings window, select one or more columns to display, and then click Add Select (Move right).
  4. Optional: Select additional options that are specific to test artifact types, such as Cell Text Display, Row Display, and Font Size. You might also choose to display a compact view or word wrap option. These options are displayed for test cases and test plans.
  5. Optional: For the Table Sizing option, select either Fit on page or Actual width. These options are displayed for test scripts. You can adjust the width of columns of the table in the Manual Steps section of a test script.
  6. Click OK.

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