Requirement reconcile operation status types

When you reconcile a requirement or requirement collection, requirements that have a changed status since the last reconcile operation are displayed with their new status. See the table below to understand the different status types.
Requirement status Description Available actions
Deleted The requirement has been deleted from the project in the Requirement Management application.
  • Ignore
  • Mark Suspect
Modified The requirement has changed since the last reconciliation.
  • Ignore
  • Clear Suspicion
  • Mark Suspect
New The requirement has not been added to the Quality Management application. You can select requirements to generate new test cases that add test coverage for the requirements.
Others The requirement cannot be accessed, either due to a user permissions issue or because of a connectivity issue. Ignore
Removed The requirement has been removed from a collection, but has not been deleted from the project.
  • Ignore
  • Mark Suspect

Action descriptions

The following list defines the actions that you can apply to requirements.
No action will be applied to associated test cases for this reconcile operation. The requirement will be displayed as modified in future reconcile operations.
Clear Suspicion
If associated test cases are listed as suspect, their status will be updated to clear this state.
Mark Suspect
Associated test cases will be marked as suspect.

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