Importing Cognos reports into quality management

You can import sample reports or reports that you have customized from Cognos® Business Intelligence into quality management.

Before you begin

Queries created with Query Studio cannot be imported. If you have a query that you want to use, create a report from the query in Report Studio, and then import the report into Engineering Test Management.

Before you can import reports, Cognos Business Intelligence must be installed and configured with the ALM Cognos Connector. See Installing ALM Cognos Connector and Migrating Rational® Reporting for Development Intelligence reports to Cognos Business Intelligence using the ALM Cognos Connector.

About this task

Before you can import reports,


  1. Click Reports > Browse > Shared Reports to view all shared reports, or Reports > Browse > My Reports to view all of your private reports.
  2. From the toolbar, click the Import Custom Report (Import custom report) icon.
  3. In the Import Report window, click Browse to locate the Cognos report.
  4. Expand Custom Report > Sample Report Definitions > QM.
  5. Open the report category folder, select the report, and click OK.
  6. Type a name and description to assign to the imported report.
  7. Select a folder in which to add the imported report, and then click OK.


The report is imported into Engineering Test Management and appears in the list of reports.

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