Artifact Categories Type

Artifact Categories Type is an element in the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management data dictionary that you can use for mapping test artifacts.

UI Element UI Field REST API Resource REST API Property Path XDC Resource XDC Data Mapping Table XDC Column Name Data Warehouse Schema Data Warehouse Table Data Warehouse Column FM Model Path FM Model Query Subject FM Model Query Item Description Sample Input Sample Output
Artifact Categories Type N/A categoryType N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A TEST_CATEGORY N/A N/A Test Category N/A Unless otherwise specified in this dictionary, value of "Artifact Category Type" UI elements are expressed by the REST API Resource URL as "categoryType"; are stored in the data warehouse "TEST_CATEGORY" table; and can be added to report definitions using the "Test Category" Query Subject and related Items. N/A N/A
Category Type N/A categoryType /id CategoryType RQMCategoryType itemId N/A N/A N/A Operational Data Store/Test Category Area/ N/A N/A The uuid of category type N/A N/A
Category Type Category Type categoryType /content/qm:categoryType/dc:identifier N/A RQMCategoryType uuid ODS TEST_CATEGORY EXTERNAL_ID N/A N/A N/A The MD5 encrypted value of URL of the category type N/A N/A
Category Type Category Type Name categoryType /content/qm:categoryType/dc:title N/A RQMCategoryType title ODS TEST_CATEGORY TERM N/A Test Category Category Term The name of category type N/A N/A
Category Type Is Deleted categoryType /qm:archived N/A RQMCategoryType isSoftDeleted ODS TEST_CATEGORY ISSOFTDELETED N/A Test Category Is Deleted The category type is archived or not N/A 0: not deleted, 1: deleted