Viewing links to development, requirement, and test artifacts

You can create links between artifacts in other applications to your Quality Management application test artifacts (for example, requirement collections in the Requirements Management application, or development plans in the Change and Configuration Management application). You can view the links that exist between these artifacts directly from a test case or test plan.

In a test plan or a test case, related links are displayed in panels on the right side of the page.

In a test plan, the artifact links are displayed in the following panels:

Link panels in a test plan

In a test case, the artifact links are displayed in the following panels:
  • Related Test Scripts: Automated or manual test scripts that are associated with the test case.
  • Validates Requirements: Requirements that are validated by the test case.
  • Related Change Requests: Work items submitted against the test case during test execution.
  • Tests Development Items: Change management items that associated with the test case.

Link panels in a test case

Note: When you create a quality task link, the Quality Management application creates an OSLC Related Change Request link to the associated change request that results in a Related test artifact type backlink in the associated change request. These links populate the Related Change Requests section on the right side of the test artifact editor.

Hover over the links to display more information about each linked artifact, or click the links to open the artifacts in the corresponding application.

If you have enabled configuration management, in the table view of the Test Script, Test Case Result, and Test Suite Result the Linked Files column displays the linked files for each artifact resource in those tables. Select a global configuration as the context for this action.

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