Test plan development checklist

Before and while you develop a test plan, use the test plan development checklist as a guide. The checklist contains the basic tasks that are involved in developing a test plan. By using the checklist, you can ensure that you complete important sections in your test plan.
Tip: For your convenience, you can print this checklist to ensure that you complete all of the necessary tasks. For instructions to complete each task, see the related links in the Task details column.
  Test plan task Task details
Before you create the initial test plans in an iteration, review preparatory tasks, considerations, and practices. Preparing to test
Create a test plan. Creating test plans
Link the test plan to the project requirement collections to ensure that your testing effort covers the requirements. Linking to requirement collections
Create a risk assessment in the test plan to support risk-based testing practices. A risk assessment is useful for prioritizing what needs to be tested based on the risk that is later associated with your test artifacts. Creating the initial risk assessment
Establish a test schedule by associating the test plan with iterations from a project area or team area timeline. Creating test schedules
Add predefined or user-defined quality objectives to define this information:
  • The overall quality goals for the release or iteration that the test plan covers
  • The required entry and exit criteria for testing
Adding quality objectives to test plans
If needed, assign sections in the test plan to be completed by other team members. Managing the team with work items
Submit the completed test plan for review and incorporate any review feedback. Assigning reviewers and approversTracking reviews

Depending on your test artifact development process, after the test plan is approved, you can generate the associated test cases for each of the linked requirements.

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