Troubleshooting Engineering Test Management

Engineering Test Management provides information on troubleshooting different issues and log messages.

Click for information that you need to provide when you contact Technical Support so that your problem can be diagnosed as quickly as possible.

The Engineering Test Management provides messages in either the log or the console window, depending on how the product is configured.

If you experience problems with your Engineering Test Management deployment, application logging can potentially be used to self-diagnose the problem or used to provide the support organization with additional information about your problem. The Quality Management application uses log4j logging, configurable through Log messages are viewable through the console window and through rolling log files.

For more in-depth information on logging please visit (Jazz®.net account required): For details about the log messages, see the Error messages documentation. For information about troubleshooting installation problems, see the Installation troubleshooting page in the Deployment wiki on

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