Test artifact status icons

Icons that represent test artifacts are sometimes decorated with smaller icons that show the execution status of the artifact. The test artifacts that might include these status icons are test cases, test suites, test case execution records, test suite execution records, test case execution record results, test suite execution record results, and test scripts.
Status icons on test cases
The status icons are displayed throughout the Quality Management application and are also in the links to test artifacts that are displayed in the Change and Configuration Management and Requirements Management applications. The meaning of a status icon depends on the artifact type. The status icons show the following information about these artifact types:
  • Test cases and test suites: The status icon shows the highest severity result among the most recent execution results for each unique environment. For example, if a test case has a Passed result in one environment and a Blocked result in another environment, the Blocked status icon is displayed for the test case. If test case execution records for the same test case and configuration have results across multiple iterations, then only the iteration with the latest end date is taken into account.
    The severity levels, from most to least severe, are as follows:
    • Blocked
    • Error
    • Failed
    • Deferred
    • Partially Blocked
    • Inconclusive
    • Incomplete
    • Permanently Failed
    • Passed
    • Not Run
    • In Progress
    • Paused
  • Test scripts: The status icon shows the most recent execution result.
  • Test case results and test suite results: The status icon shows the status of the result.

For more information about the standard definitions of test execution states and the associated icons, see Test execution states.

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