Setting up a new project area with existing project settings

There are two ways to seed a new project area with the settings from an existing project area. One way is to copy existing project properties to a new project, and the other way is to use a project area template.

The following table compares the settings that can be brought over to the new project area using these two approaches:

Settings Copy Settings Template
Artifact Constraints Y Y
Related Sites Y Y
Shared Resource Locations Y Y
Table Layout N Y
Execution Preferences Y Y
Build Provider Y N
Execution Result States Y Y
Categories Y Y
Test Case Preferences Y Y
Test Script Preferences Y Y
Manual Script Preferences Y Y
Requirement Risk Preferences N Y
Quality Objectives Y Y
Report Settings Y N
Risk and Risk Profiles Y Y
Lab Resource and Channel Properties N N
Test Plan Environment Types N N
Artifact Templates N Y
Custom Attributes Y Y
Saved Queries N Y

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