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The CE/CLM products were renamed in version 7.0. As the help is updated to reflect the changes, the topics might contain inconsistencies. For details on the name change, see Renaming the IBM Continuous Engineering Portfolio.

Setting up a new project area with existing project settings

There are two ways to seed a new project area with the settings from an existing project area. One way is to copy existing project properties to a new project, and the other way is to use a project area template.

The following table compares the settings that can be brought over to the new project area using these two approaches:

Settings Copy Settings Template
Artifact Constraints Y Y
Related Sites Y Y
Shared Resource Locations Y Y
Table Layout N Y
Execution Preferences Y Y
Build Provider Y N
Execution Result States Y Y
Categories Y Y
Test Case Preferences Y Y
Test Script Preferences Y Y
Manual Script Preferences Y Y
Requirement Risk Preferences N Y
Quality Objectives Y Y
Report Settings Y N
Risk and Risk Profiles Y Y
Lab Resource and Channel Properties N N
Test Plan Environment Types N N
Artifact Templates N Y
Custom Attributes Y Y
Saved Queries N Y

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