Integrating Engineering Test Management with Rational Test Workbench

Integration is implemented by using an adapter. The adapter is installed by default when you install Rational® Test Workbench. After the installation, you must configure and run the adapter.

The adapter can be run in three modes:
  1. In GUI mode, from within the test workbench itself
  2. From the command line
  3. As a Windows service

Rational Test Workbench versions 8.5 and later include support for Engineering Test Management execution variables.

For more information about configuring and running the adapter, see the Rational Test Workbench online help. For more information about test tool adapters, including adapter version and user account requirements, see Rational test tools integration overview in the links that follow.

Known limitations

  • Keep in mind the following things if you have Rational Performance Tester and Engineering Test Management installed in the same package group, or shell-shared: The connect button connects Rational Test Workbench and Rational Performance Tester adapters at same time. The behavior is the same for disconnecting the adapters. The adapters communicate so that only one test execution occurs in Engineering Test Management at a given time.
  • To avoid errors with the adapter, you must install all available features when you install Rational Test Workbench.
  • You cannot run scheduled test suites with the Rational Test Workbench adapter.