Integrating Engineering Test Management and Rational Test Virtualization Server

When Engineering Test Management and Rational® Test Virtualization Server are integrated, you can access virtual services that were published in Rational Test Virtualization Server and use them during test planning and execution.

You can associate virtual services from Rational Test Virtualization Server with the test case execution records that require those services in order to be run. When you start running the test, you can select and associate virtual services that were already started outside of Engineering Test Management. Alternatively, you can select virtual services that were published to Rational Test Virtualization Server but not started yet, and then activate those services from Engineering Test Management.

To configure the integration, you use Open Services Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC), an open standard that IBM® is developing with customers and other companies. You must first install Rational Test Virtualization Server and set up the Rational Test Control Panel server as an outbound friend of Engineering Test Management. Then, you can link your Engineering Test Management project area to a Rational Test Virtualization Server domain. The project areas and domains are linked with the Uses - Automation association type.

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