Integrating with Rational Performance Tester

Integration is implemented by using an adapter. The adapter is installed by default when you install IBM® Rational® Performance Tester. After the installation, you must configure and run the adapter.

The adapter can be run in three modes:

  1. In GUI mode, from within the test workbench itself
  2. From the command line
  3. As a Windows service

Rational Performance Tester versions 8.5 and later include support for Engineering Test Management execution variables.

For more information about configuring and running the adapter, see the Rational Performance Tester documentation. For more information about test tool adapters, including adapter version and user account requirements, see Rational test tools integration overview in the links that follow.

Known limitations

  • When you install Rational Performance Tester and Rational Service Tester into the same instance of Eclipse (also called shell sharing), the adapter registers itself as a Rational Performance Tester adapter. To register as a Rational Service Tester adapter, Rational Service Tester must be installed as it's own software package.
  • Running tests from Engineering Test Management with encrypted data pools is not supported. When you use an encrypted data pool, the adapter service or the command-line mode does not prompt for a password. Using encrypted data pools is also discouraged in the GUI mode because this mode requires user interaction with Rational Performance Tester for a run that is initiated from the Engineering Test Management web user interface.
  • You should start only one adapter per product installation on a machine. Using multiple adapters on the same computer requires that you install each product as its own software package in it's own directory. If you are running multiple adapters on the same computer, ensure that they are using different workspaces.

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