Integrating with Rational Integration Tester

Integration is implemented by using an adapter. The adapter is installed by default when you install Rational® Integration Tester.

After you install Rational Integration Tester, you must configure and run the Rational Integration Tester Agent adapter. The adapter receives messages from the Quality Management application and then runs the functional test scripts. After a test run, the adapter uploads the execution log to the Quality Management application server. For more information about test tool adapters, including adapter version and user account requirements, see Rational test tools integration overview in the links that follow.

You can also export tests and test suites from Rational Integration Tester into the Quality Management application. Exported tests and test suites are created as test cases and test scripts in the Quality Management application.

For more information, including instructions to configure the Rational Integration Tester Agent adapter and export resources, see Integrating Rational Integration Tester with Engineering Test Management, or the Integration Guide for the Engineering Test Management Version that is included with the Rational Integration Tester installation.

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