Requirements management

Requirements are the basis of development and testing efforts, and can be created by product managers, program managers, or other members of the larger cross-functional team. You can ensure that your testing effort adequately covers all requirements by linking requirements to your test plans and test cases.

Through IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management integration, you can create requirements in external applications or in your Requirements Management project. In the Quality Management project, you create links to requirements that have been created in either environment. From these sources, you can add requirement collections to test plans and requirements to test cases.

Note: The IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management integration must be configured before you can work with requirements in the Quality Management application.IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next provides the Requirements Management (RM) application for Engineering Lifecycle Management

There are several ways that you can link to requirements from test artifacts:

By linking to requirement collections from test plans and individual requirements in test cases (that are linked to from the test plans that contain the requirement collection the requirements came from), you can ensure that the requirements have complete testing coverage. You can reconcile the requirements in the Quality Management application with those in the Requirements Management project. If requirements have been added, deleted, or changed, you can optionally mark the test case for the requirement as suspect, and update the test artifacts that link to the requirement (for example, test scripts and test cases) to cover the changes.

Note: If you are using a requirements management application that supports the OSLC RM specification, such as Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next, the requirements are displayed in the Requirement Links section in a test case and requirement collections are displayed in the Requirement Collection Links section in a test plan. If you are using IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS, the requirements from these applications are displayed in the requirements sections on a tab that is labeled with the product name.

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