Workflow: Multi-channel testing in ETM

Channels simplify testing in various configurations and devices. By using channels, you can build a test case that branches into detailed, channel-specific steps when necessary.

When you run a multi-channel test case or test case execution record (TCER), you specify a channel. Then, each included keyword selects the channel-specific script that corresponds to the specified channel. To begin multi-channel testing, use the following workflow as a guide.

Figure 1. Multi-channel testing workflow

  1. Enable channels, and then create them. For details, see Creating and managing channels.
  2. Add keywords to test scripts, and then add channel-specific test scripts to keywords. For details, see Creating keyword-enabled manual test scripts.
  3. Run test cases or test case execution records in channels.

    When you run a test case or test case execution record, you select the channel that the test case or test case execution record must run in. For details, see Running a test case or Running a test case execution record.

  4. Optional: Incorporate channels into test schedules and test suites. For details, see Creating and viewing test execution schedules and Running a test suite or Running a test suite execution record.

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