Manual test scripts

You can use IBM® Engineering Test Management to manage your manual test scripts.

You can use the embedded manual test editor to create manual test scripts and accomplish these tasks:

  • Attach images, text files, comments, and verification text to be viewed during a test run
  • Display traceability from individual test script steps to requirements associated with the test case or overall project
  • Use keywords to ensure reusability and add automation capabilities to groups of statements in your manual tests
  • Supply your manual test scripts with realistic data values by inserting test data variables
  • Submit defects during a test run

Test scripts are associated with test cases. When you run a test, you run the test case execution record that is associated with the test case. In a manual test, you perform each test instruction by stepping through the statements and verifying that certain conditions pass or fail. During execution you can capture the actual results and file defects, which can be viewed later in the execution results.

If you set up an integration with IBM Rational® Functional Tester, then you can use the manual test script recorder option in the manual test editor to automatically capture a set of actions as steps in a manual test script. Using the recorder to capture script steps saves your team time and eliminates user errors that might occur when manually writing manual test script steps. The manual test script recorder also gives you the option to automatically save screen captures. You can also use the manual test script recorder for exploratory testing.

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