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Using keywords in manual test scripts gives these scripts reuse and automation capabilities.

A keyword is a statement or group of statements that you can reuse in other test scripts. You use the Keyword View to search for keywords and add them to manual test scripts. Keywords are typically composed of script steps that reflect reusable processes. For example, you might create a group of steps for a login procedure. Saved keywords become part of the repository and can be inserted into a script, taking the place of rewriting specific procedures. When a keyword is modified, all scripts associated with that keyword are updated automatically. Keyword-enabled manual test scripts can be composed solely of keywords, or they can be a mix of keywords and manual script steps. You can automate keywords through the use of functional test scripts. After keywords are saved in the repository, you can add them to other test scripts.

Associate keywords with scripts using channels to accelerate tests of common features across various devices and platforms. Examine your keywords' channel coverage in their associated test scripts by reviewing the Keyword Coverage section in the test script editor.

Important: When a script is marked as the default on a channel, that script is used even if other scripts are associated with the keyword on the same channel. For example, on Channel X, Script B is the default script. If Script A and Script B are associated with a keyword on Channel X, Script B runs instead of Script A.

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