Importing Word and Excel test artifacts into Quality Management

With the Excel and Word export utility, you can export test data from Excel and Word into a well-defined XML format, and then import them to a quality management server by using standard HTTP protocols.


Microsoft Excel and Word are formats that may have been used to write, store, and maintain test assets. The XML files that the export utility generates can be imported into Quality Management using the IBM® Rational® Quality Management Reportable REST API.

The Quality Management Excel and Word export utility implements these features:
  • Multiple artifact types that quality management supports (test scripts, test cases, test plans, and so on).
  • A single document can contain relationships between various record types.
  • Both Excel and Word document types are processed.
The utility is extensible and customizable because it uses a document-specific configuration. You can accomplish these main functions:
  • Export documents as XML files to you local file system (Export to File)
  • Export documents into the quality management repository, creating corresponding test artifacts on the quality management side (Export to Repository)
  • Import data for offline execution


The quality management Excel and Word export utility is built on the Engineering Test Management Reportable REST API, which is not compatible between Engineering Test Management versions.


The Excel and Word export utility uses the Engineering Test Management Reportable REST API GET and PUT requests, which require specific project-level permissions. See GET and PUT permissions.

Required setup

To use the Quality Management Excel and Word export utility:

  1. Install the Quality Management Excel and Word export utility into Microsoft Word, Excel, or both.
  2. Set up a configuration file that describes the content of the documents to be exported to quality management. This description enables the utility to correctly map the document content to fields into quality management records.
  3. Export the test artifacts from Microsoft Word or Excel and import them into the Quality Management application.

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