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The CE/CLM products were renamed in version 7.0. As the help is updated to reflect the changes, the topics might contain inconsistencies. For details on the name change, see Renaming the IBM Continuous Engineering Portfolio.


At any time during the testing process you can submit, track, and manage defects. You configure an external defect provider, such as the Change and Configuration Management (CCM) application or IBM® Rational® ClearQuest®, and all defects are stored in the external tool.

Submitting, tracking, and managing defects

You can submit, track, and manage defects at several stages of the testing process, while performing various test functions. For example, you accomplish these tasks:

  • At any time in the main menu, you can click Change Requests > Create Defect.

    Doing so displays a defect submission form for whichever defect management system that you have configured.

  • While viewing test case or test-suite execution records, you can declare a defect to be blocking by clicking the Manage blocking defects icon (Change blocking status).

    You can specify an existing defect to be blocking or you can create a new one. Either way, you declare a defect to be blocking by selecting the Blocker severity level in the defect form.

  • You can submit a defect against any step during manual test execution.
  • You can submit and manage defects while viewing the Execution Results.

    From Execution Results, you can also remove defects and change their blocking status.

  • You can use the Related Defects panel in the View Test Case Execution Records, Execution Result, and Script Execution views to see all related open and blocking defects.
  • You can use the Blocking Defects panel in the View Test Case Execution Records view to see the blocking defects that are common to the selected test case execution records.

Configuring a defect provider

If the application under test is being developed in the Change and Configuration Management (CCM) application, you can manage your defects using defect work items. You will see the defect work item form whenever you submit a defect, and you can collaborate with the developers who are responsible for fixing the defects.

If your team uses Rational ClearQuest to track defects, you can configure and use Rational ClearQuest as your defect service provider.

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