Test data in keyword-enabled manual test scripts

When you use test data in scripts that include keywords, make sure that the correct test data is called at the correct places. Link the test script that a keyword references to the same test data as the test script that contains that keyword.

A keyword is associated with a test script, and a test script can be associated with test data. Keywords and parent test scripts can have different test data.

Consider this situation:
  • Test Script A is linked with Test Data D.
  • Keyword K references Test Script A.
  • Test Script B contains Keyword K.

Test Data D is used in Test Script A, which is used in Keyword K. Because Test Script B uses Keyword K, it draws on Test Data D.

Because Test Script B contains a keyword that links to Test Data D, Test Script B must also link to Test Data D. Therefore, when a test case that contains Test Script B is run, the test data from Test Data D is shown at the keyword-enabled step.

Keywords and their associated parent test scripts can have different test data. A keyword can be used by any number of test scripts, and all of them can be associated with different test data. When you execute the parent test script, the test data associated with parent test script will be used for the keyword as well as the parent test script.

You must ensure that the test data variable in the keyword's test script is also in the parent script's test data. When a script links to test data and is referenced by a keyword, those associations are not automatically carried over into a test script that incorporates the keyword.

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