Manual test script recorders

You can use the manual test script recorder in IBM® Engineering Test Management to simplify the creation of manual test scripts. Manually recording script steps saves your team time and eliminates user errors that might occur when manually writing the steps. You can also use the recorder for exploratory testing.
Note: The application that you are testing must be an HTML application, Java™ application or an applications with Dojo controls.

The manual test recorder uses an integration with IBM Rational® Functional Tester to automate the creation and editing of manual test scripts. You use a manual test script recorder to record user gestures in your application, which are then converted into manual script statements in English. The manual test script recorder also automatically captures screenshots of the application where the gestures were made.

Basic workflow for configuring and using the manual test recorder

  1. Install IBM Rational Functional Tester.
  2. Configure the Rational Functional Tester adapter for use with Engineering Test Management.
  3. Optional: Prepare the test environment in Rational Functional Tester by enabling the browsers, Java run time environments (JREs), and Eclipse platforms. By default, the test environment is automatically enabled by Rational Functional Tester. But in certain scenarios you must manually enable the required components. For more enablement information, see Automatically enabled environment for recording functional test scripts.
  4. Optional: If you want to open your application under test (AUT) directly from the manual test script recorder, configure the AUT in the Application Configuration Tool in Rational Functional Tester.
  5. Start the Rational Functional Tester adapter.
  6. Optional: Modify user preferences for the manual test script recorder.
  7. Create or modify a manual test script by using the manual test script recorder.

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