Synchronizing with Rational ClearQuest

You can integrate IBM® Engineering Test Management with the Rational® ClearQuest® defect tracking system by using the IBM Rational ClearQuest Synchronizer, which was previously called the Connector.
License note: To integrate the products, you must have the Engineering Test Management Connector client access license.

With the Rational ClearQuest Synchronizer, you can synchronize information between work items in Engineering Test Management and Rational ClearQuest records.

You can work in both tools and share data. Through synchronization operations, the Rational ClearQuest Synchronizer maps Rational ClearQuest records, such as defects, to Engineering Test Management work items. When you create or modify a Rational ClearQuest record, the Rational ClearQuest Synchronizer creates or modifies a corresponding work item in Engineering Test Management. The creation and modification changes also flow from work items to Rational ClearQuest records.

The Rational ClearQuest Synchronizer uses the Rational ClearQuest Gateway, which is a server process, to communicate with IBM Jazz™ Team Server and connect Rational ClearQuest records with work items in the Engineering Test Management project area.

Prerequisites for the integration

Before you can use the Rational ClearQuest Synchronizer, you must configure Rational ClearQuest and Engineering Test Management. The Rational ClearQuest Synchronizer includes a setup wizard that applies the necessary package changes to your Rational ClearQuest schema and then updates your Rational ClearQuest user database with the new schema version.

The setup wizard also creates an initial set of synchronization rules. Synchronization rules describe how to map Rational ClearQuest record type fields to Engineering Test Management work item type properties.

Note: To use the Rational ClearQuest Synchronizer, you must install the Change and Configuration Management (CCM) application.

Before you configure your environments, practice by completing this tutorial. Although the tutorial explains how to use with the CCM application with the Rational ClearQuest Synchronizer, the concepts in the tutorial also apply to Engineering Test Management. If you want to complete the tutorial by using Engineering Test Management, you must create a Defect work item type. For instructions, see Defining work items types and attributes in the web client.

Documentation about the Rational ClearQuest Synchronizer

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