Managing reservations of lab resources

You can directly reserve a lab resource or modify the reservations from the calendar view in the Reservation section of the lab resource editor page. You can also delete the reservations if you no longer require the lab resource for testing. In the calendar view, you can change the view to see the reservations for a month, week, days, or a single day.

About this task

You can use the calendar view in the Reservation section of a lab resource editor page to easily manage the reservations. You can modify or delete the reservations directly from the calendar view. You can also view the lab resources that are reserved for you and other team members.


  1. To modify a reservation:
    1. In the calendar, select a reservation.
    2. On the right of the Reservations section, click the Modify the selected reservation icon.
    3. In the Select Reservations Options window, specify the start date of the reservation by clicking the Reserve from field, and then selecting the end time.
    4. Specify the end date of the reservation by clicking the Reserve to, and then selecting the end time.
    5. Click Reserve.

      The reservation is displayed in blue, if the lab resource is booked for you.

  2. To move a reservation in the week view:
    1. In the week view of the calendar, select a reservation and drag it to a different day or time. The reservation is displayed in green if the lab resource can be reserved at that time.
    2. Place the reservation in the new location, and then double-click it.
    3. Confirm the details of the reservation and then click Reserve.
  3. To create a reservation that repeats for a specified interval:
    1. In the calendar, click the Create new reservation icon.
    2. Specify the time duration of the reservation.
    3. In the Repeat list, specify the repetition as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. The Repeats start field shows the date when the repetition starts.
    4. In the Repeats end field, either provide the date for the repetition to end or the number of occurrences after which the repetition ends.
      • You can modify repeating reservation to change its interval and duration. You can modify reservations to change single reservations to repeating reservations and repeating reservation to single reservations.
      • If you cancel a repeating reservation, all the instances of the reservation are canceled in the calendar.
    5. Click Reserve.
  4. To delete a reservation:
    1. Select a reservation and click the Cancel the selected reservation icon.
    2. In the Confirmation window, click Yes.

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