This information is for planning purposes only. The information herein is subject to change or removal without notice before the products described may become available.
The CE/CLM products were renamed in version 7.0. As the help is updated to reflect the changes, the topics might contain inconsistencies. For details on the name change, see Renaming the IBM Continuous Engineering Portfolio.

Customizing the calendar view

You can customize the calendar for reserving lab resources. In the calendar, you can change the view to see the reservations for a month, week, days, or a single day. You can customize the time slot, time duration for the calendar, and size of the calendar.


  1. Click the Change Calendar Display icon.
  2. To change the range of hours that are displayed, in the Hours to display list, specify which hours to show in the calendar.
  3. To change the minimum reservation display time between hours, in the Minimum reservation time list, specify the time slot duration. The default time slot is 15 minutes.
  4. To change the calendar size, in the Calendar size list, specify the size of the calendar as normal or large.
  5. To save the changes, click OK.

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