Creating channels

You can define, edit, and delete channels for use in the quality management project from the Lab Resource and Channel Properties section of the Manage Project Properties menu.

Before you begin

Channels are disabled by default. To enable channels, log in as an administrator, then go to Administration > Manage Project Properties > Execution preferences and select Enable Channels. Users will need to log out after you do this before channels appear to them.


  1. To create a channel:
    1. As an administrator, open Manage Project Properties > Lab Resource and Channel Properties.
    2. Click the green Add New Type icon (Add) in the Channels panel.
    3. Enter a name for the channel at the prompt that opens.
    4. Click Add Lab Resource Description (Add) to begin adding types as defined in Lab Resource Properties. When finished, click Save at the top of the page.

      When creating, editing, or deleting a channel, you will be asked whether or not to synchronize channels with test environments.

      Channels are subsets of test environments based on common lab resource properties. For example, imagine two test environments, both with Windows 7 Enterprise as an operating system and x86-64 CPUs. If a channel exists in the project for Windows workstations with 64-bit CPUs, these two environments would be linked to that channel once they were synchronized. After, when selecting one of these test environments to run a test case execution record, the x86-64 Windows workstation channel would be available for use.

      If a channel and a test environment change so that their attributes no longer match, after which channel-test environment relationships are synchronized, that channel will no longer be available when running a test case execution record on that test environment.

  2. To add or remove existing channel attributes, click that channel in the Available Channels panel. Then, click Add Lab Resource Description to add a type, or click Delete (Delete) to remove one. Save when you finish.
  3. To delete a channel, select it in the Available Channels panel, then click the Delete icon (Delete) above it.

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