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Creating lab resource groups

You can create a group of lab resources to track and manage lab resources. You can associate teams of people to a lab resource group. For example, you can create a group of machines that are dedicated to a particular testing team. The team of people always has exclusive access to the group of lab resources that you define.

Before you begin

To modify a lab resource that belongs to a resource group, you must be a member of the group with an appropriate role in the team area that is associated with the resource group. Otherwise, you must have a project membership and a role to edit the lab resource.


To create a group of lab resources:

  1. Required: In the main menu, click Lab Management > Create > Lab Resource Group. The Create Lab Resource Group editor opens.
  2. Click <Enter New Lab Resource Group Name>, and type a name for the lab resource group.
  3. Enter a start date and an expiration date for the lab resource group or select the No Expiration check box for the lab resource group to be permanent.
  4. Required: In Team Area, select the name of a project team.
  5. In <Click here to enter a description>, provide a description of the lab resource group.
  6. Click Save to save the definition of the lab resource group.
    If there are lab resources that are already defined for the team you selected, those lab resources are displayed in the Lab Resource section. You can filter the display of lab resources by selecting a category in Group by.
  7. To add lab resources for the group, in the Lab Resource section, click the Add to group icon (Add). The Add to group window opens and displays a list of all the available lab resources.
  8. Select the lab resources for the group. You can select one, more than one, or all of the lab resources.
  9. Click OK. The lab resources are added to the lab resource group definition.
  10. To remove a lab resource from the group definition, select the lab resource, and click the Remove from Group icon. The lab resource is removed from the group but is still in the lab management database.
  11. Click Save. The lab resource group is saved and displays in the All Lab Resource Groups editor. To open the editor, go to the main menu and click Lab Management > All Lab Resource Groups.

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