Fulfilling requests and reserving lab resources

Lab managers can assign and fulfill requests for lab resources and reserve the requested resources.

Before you begin

When you, as the lab manager, open your request view, the default view shows all open requests. You can select a request and see the request details. On the request details page, you can assign the request, or you can fulfill the request yourself. You can also reserve the lab resource for the requested period. If you need more information before the request can be fulfilled, you can return the request to the submitter and ask for more details.


To assign, fulfill, or return a request:

  1. In the main menu, click Lab Management > All Requests. The All Requests editor opens.
  2. In the list of requests, click a request. The details of the request are displayed.
  3. To assign the request to someone in the lab, in Assigned, select that person's name. The request is now displayed in that person's request view.
  4. In the Lab Resources section, click Find machines. A list of lab resources that match the requirements in the request is displayed.
  5. Select a lab resource, and then click the Reserve icon (Reserve). The lab resource that you reserved is displayed in the request.
  6. To save and fulfill the request, click Save, and then click Fulfill.

What to do next

After you perform these steps, the status of the request is updated in the submitter's and lab manager's request views.

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