Roles in test lab management

Lab management tasks are often performed by people in the roles of lab manager and tester. This topic describes work activities that are associated with these roles and the features in the lab management tool that they use.

The role that your lab manager administrator associates with your account determines the options that are available in test lab management and the functions that you can access in the lab manager editors.

The following types of tasks are typically associated with these test lab roles.

User role Tasks
Lab manager
  • Manages lab resources in test labs. The lab can include physical machines, virtual machines, and virtual images.
  • Works with team managers to allocate lab resources across the products under tests.
  • Installs, sets up, and maintains software applications for the entire lab.
  • Collaborates with deployment engineers who deploy builds to test environments.
  • Ensures that the lab resources are set up in the necessary topologies with the required operating systems and middleware.
Software tester Tests software that is under development. Runs tests on lab resources.