Lab management

You can use the test lab management tool to track lab resources and to administer lab-resource reservations and requests.
Test lab resources include anything that is used as part of running a test; for example:
  • Physical machines: computers that are used for running tests
  • Virtual machines: a virtual machine that hosts virtual images for running tests
  • Virtual images: images that are set up with software for running tests
  • Test environments: a set of configuration attributes, such as operating system and test execution software, that you define for running tests
  • Test cells: a collection of lab resources, such as physical and virtual machines with specific hardware and software configurations

Lab resources can be defined with a specific make and memory capacity, a certain version of an operation system and browser, and other hardware and software attributes.

Lab management roles and users

The test lab manager and testers complete various lab management activities.

The test lab manager oversees these lab functions:
  • Installing or coordinating the installation of software onto test lab resources
  • Setting up and maintaining lab resources for the entire lab
  • Managing requests for lab resources
The test lab manager uses the lab management tool to define the lab resources.

Testers request lab resources from the lab manager or reserve the resources directly. Then, testers use software products under development by running tests on the lab resources.

Extended test lab management with integrations

You can integrate IBM® Engineering Test Management with external applications that have inventory capability. With this integration, the test lab manager can update lab-resource data to display the most recent lab-resource configurations and new lab resources.

You can integrate Engineering Test Management with external applications that have automation capability, such as IBM Rational® Build Forge®). With such integrations, the lab manager can run scripts, projects, or libraries that are configured in the external applications on remote lab resources. For example, automation capabilities might be used to install software on computers in a different location.

You can integrate Engineering Test Management with an external application that manages virtual images and virtual machines, such as VMLogix, Surgient, or another tool. Test lab managers can set up the integration and testers can view or use managed virtual images or virtual machines. Managed virtual images and managed virtual machines are logical groupings of either virtual images or virtual machines that represent application topologies. An example of managed virtual images is one virtual image for a web server and another virtual image for a database server that are used together. Managed virtual images and managed virtual machines are synchronized from an external provider. You cannot manually create them. The external applications provide information about the virtual images and virtual machines that is available in Engineering Test Management.

For an example of getting started with test lab management, see the Work with lab resources tutorial in the product documentation.

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