Engineering Test Management and STAF STAX

Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF) is a framework that improves component reuse and automation in test cases and test environments. It is an open-source multi-platform framework for reusable components such as services for resource management, logging, and monitoring. Software Testing Automation Framework Execution Engine (STAX) is an XML-based execution engine implemented as an external STAF client. STAX automates the workflow of test cases and test environments. There are two deployment models for running STAF STAX; an integrated STAX server and an external STAX server. In both cases, the IBM® Engineering Test Management server and test machines must have the STAF client installed and running.

Integrated STAX server

The STAX jobs are run on the server. The STAX client must be installed and configured on the server. This is the simplest deployment.

External STAX server

The STAX jobs are run on an external server. The external server must have STAF and STAX installed. This deployment works well for heavy automation loads.

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