Configuring integrations to work with multiple projects

Integrations from Engineering Test Management to external inventory, software provisioning, and virtualization tools are isolated by project area. All assets that are associated with the integration, for example lab resources and automation, are only available in the associated project area. If no special action is taken, the integration applies to the default project area.

To isolate integrations to a project area other than the default, you must edit the integration_config.xml file that is created during the provider integration configuration. In the <instance> tag in integration_config.xml, add a new tag called <projectArea>. The value of that tag should be the name of the project area you want to associate the integration with.


This example shows the configuration of the Engineering Test Management provider application to use the project area called Test Project Area.

        <name>BuildForge 7.1 RTLM Integration Adaptor</name>
            <projectArea>Test Project Area</projectArea>
With this configuration, the Engineering Test Management 7.1 provider on localhost is only accessible when you run Engineering Test Management in the Test Project Area project area.
Note: To use the same provider with multiple project areas, repeat the <adapter></adapter> information for each project area to be used, making sure to have a different value for instanceId for each project area.

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