Adding error feedback support to user builds

You can add error feedback support to a user build so that syntax errors are reported in the Remote Error List view.

Before you begin

To support error feedback for COBOL builds, your systems programmer must define the location of SFEKLOAD in the rse.env configuration file. For more information about configuring this file, see the Host Configuration Guide.

The user build operation generates default JCL for allocating data sets that are required to support error feedback. On the User Build preference page, you can customize this data set allocation JCL to meet the requirements of your site. To open the User Build preference page from the Configure User Build operation window, click the Preferences link.

About this task

Support for error feedback is handled differently for COBOL, PL/I, or C/C++ files:
  • COBOL: Error feedback is handled by a user exit that is called ELAXMGUX. The user exit causes compiler, syntax check, and build errors to be displayed in the Remote Error List view. To support error feedback for COBOL builds, you must define compiler options that include this user exit.
  • PL/I: To support error feedback for PL/I builds, use the XINFO(XML) compiler option.
  • C/C++: To support error feedback for C/C++ builds, use the EVENTS compiler option.


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