Working with Engineering Workflow Management projects locally

If you plan to work with IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) zComponent projects as IBM Developer for z Systems® local projects, you need property groups to resolve the locations of loaded files referenced by the zComponent projects.

You could create and associate the necessary property groups manually. However, you can use a wizard that automatically calculates the dependencies, creates the property groups with the correct SYSLIBs, and associates the property groups to the corresponding projects.

To use the wizard to generate property groups for zComponent projects:
  1. Open the z/OS Projects view.
  2. Select one or more zComponent projects and right-click.
  3. Select Enterprise Extensions > Generate a Property Group.
    1. In the wizard, select the property group categories for the projects, either COBOL, PLI, or both
    2. Optionally, choose a build definition from the selection list. You only need a build definition to resolve build properties in the zComponent project if either of the following is true:
      • A zFile in the zComponent project is associated with a language definition that specifies a translator as a build property
      • The SYSLIB DD concatenation of a translator in the zComponent project specifies a data set definition as a build property.
      The selection list for each zComponent project displays the build definitions defined in the repository where the zComponent project is shared.
    3. Optionally, specify a remote system connection. If you include a remote system connection, the wizard generates a remote SYSLIB for the property group, so that things like system copybooks, which only reside on the host system, can be resolved. If a build definition is also specified, the remote SYSLIB for the property group also includes the team build data sets, so that copybooks from zComponent projects can be resolved from the host system, even if the copybooks are not loaded on your local machine.
    4. Click Finish to generate the property groups. The name of each generated property group contains the name of the zComponent project as part of the name. The generated property groups are listed under the Local node in the Property Group Manager view in IBM Developer for z Systems. The SYSLIB definitions in the generated property groups resolve the paths to the files referenced by the zComponent projects.
      Note: If no build definition is selected for a project, and either a translator or data set definition is specified as a build property, the property group generation fails.

For a video demonstration of how to set up Engineering Workflow Management projects to be used as IBM Developer for z Systems local projects, see Simplifying Local Developments for zComponent Projects.

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