Integration between IBM Developer for z Systems and Engineering Workflow Management on System z®

The integration of IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) and IBM Developer for z Systems® enables sharing of functions between the products.

Using the z/OS Projects perspective available with IBM Developer for z Systems, Engineering Workflow Management and IBM Developer for z Systems work together so that you can share and modify files managed by Jazz-based source control, in addition to files on the remote z/OS® system.
The products have two primary integration points:

Integration usage requirements

To complete the integration tasks described in this section, you must have created a data set definition, repository workspace, zComponent project, and a build definition. For detailed instructions on how to create these items, see Tutorial: Using an Ant with enterprise extensions build to compile a COBOL application.

Create a Remote System Explorer connection

See Creating a new connection to a remote system in the IBM Developer for z Systems product documentation for instructions on creating a Remote System Explorer (RSE) connection. After you create the RSE connection, connect to the remote z/OS system and verify that the expected data sets are visible in the Remote Systems view under MVS Files for the z/OS connection you created.