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The CE/CLM products were renamed in version 7.0. As the help is updated to reflect the changes, the topics might contain inconsistencies. For details on the name change, see Renaming the IBM Continuous Engineering Portfolio.

Analyzing and validating TRS feeds

You can view the list of resources that were skipped from the Requirements Management (RM) data source in the Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE). On the TRS Feed Diagnostics page you find out why the resources were skipped, and decide which resources to ignore in the feed.


  1. Log into the server administration page of your web client, for example: https://<host-name>:<port number>/rm/admin.
  2. In the top navigation pane, click TRS Feed Diagnostics:
    Reports diganostics button
  3. Go to the Skipped Resources page, in the left pane to see the list of skipped resources grouped by VDI codes. The codes help you determine why the resources are skipped by LQE. The VDI code definitions are available on this Wiki page.
  4. To ignore specific resources in the TRS feed, go to Select an action > Ignore the selected resources, and click Submit.

    You can add resources back to the TRS feed by removing them from the ignore list. To do so, go to the TRS feed ignore list page, select the resources, and go to Select an action > Remove the selected resouces from the ignore list.

What to do next

From the TRS Feed Validation page, you can validate the data sources:
TRS feed validation page
To validate the TRS feed against the data in the repository, click Validate > Validate now. For more information about report validation, see: Validating TRS feeds and the LQE index.

If you want to share the list of skipped resources with IBM Support, go to the Export Data page, and click Export and download.

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