Enabling Electronic signatures for a baseline

For compliance purposes, your organization might require you to validate and sign a baseline. You can configure a project to require electronic signatures on baselines. This helps for audit purposes.

About this task

An administrator can set project-level settings for electronic signatures. The administrator has permission to:
  • Display text that explains the significance of signing.
  • Determine if users must provide a comment when signing.
  • Determine if users must select a reason for signing.
  • Use the Add option, to enter a list of reasons for signing. An user can select an option from the displayed list.


  1. On the Administration menu, click Manage Project Areas page.
  2. On the Active Project Areas page, click your project.
  3. Under Requirements, click Electronic Signature.
  4. In the text box, provide an explanation for why the signature is required for the project.
  5. If team members must add a comment when they electronically sign the baseline, select the Require a comment check box.
  6. If team members must provide a reason for signing the baseline, select the Require the user to select a reason for signing check box.
  7. Click Add Reason, and enter a new reason to add to the Value list. You can add as many reasons as the project requires and then use the Move Up and Move Down controls to change the list order.

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