Modifying the hierarchy of artifacts in a module

You can modify the hierarchy of artifacts in a module by moving an artifact or a section of artifacts, or by promoting or demoting artifacts.

About this task

Watch a video about modifying the hierarchy of artifacts in a module.

You can select how many hierarchy levels to show in a module from the Configure Page Settings list. When you select a level, only rows with a depth at or below that level are shown. After you specify the hierarchy levels of artifacts, you can modify the levels.

When you demote an artifact, you place it in a lower hierarchy level than its preceding artifact. Demoted artifacts are indented. When you promote an artifact, you move an indented artifact to a higher level in the hierarchy. You can move artifacts within one module or between two modules.

If you move an artifact that is at the top level of the hierarchy, all the artifacts in its section are also moved. For example, this image shows a module that contains the General Description artifact and its child artifacts, and the Specific Requirements artifact and its child artifacts:

Module screen capture
If you move the General Description artifact below the Specific Requirements artifact, the General Description artifact and all its child artifacts are moved. In addition, the numbering of the hierarchy is reordered.
Module example


You can move an artifact by dragging it to a new position in the module. However, the drop behavior changes based on whether you drop the artifact on a collapsed or expanded section. If the target section is collapsed, the artifact is dropped as a sibling artifact. If the target section is expanded, the artifact is dropped as a child artifact.

You can control whether a section is collapsed or expanded before or while you move an artifact. To expand a collapsed section while you are dragging an artifact, hover the cursor in front of the section number, as shown in this image: Arrow in front of a section number.


You can move artifacts by cutting and pasting them or by dragging them. You can also promote or demote them in the module hierarchy.

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