Managing requirements

You can manage requirements by using traceability links, tags, attributes, filtering, workflows, and dashboards. With these capabilities, you can create relationships between requirements and other artifacts, categorize requirements, assign properties to requirements, and monitor relationships and status among team applications. To learn how to optimize requirements management, reduce rework and avoid delays by using AI from Watson, go to the IBM Engineering Requirements Management site.

About this task

Requirements management is a set of techniques (supported by tools) that a team uses to determine what a program, product, or project needs to deliver to accomplish these goals:
  • Ensure that goals are successfully met
  • Provide visibility into the completeness of the requirements development effort
  • Control changes to requirements over time
Requirements definition is a subset of the requirements management process that focuses on elicitation and validation. In some industries, the term "requirements engineering" is used to refer to the full range of requirements definition and management activities. Application lifecycle management applies requirements methods and tools to the full lifecycle, including traceability to authorized project work activities and test results that prove requirements have been met.

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