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Linking between artifacts in modules

You can link artifacts that are in the same module or artifacts that are in different modules.

Before you begin

You can link from an artifact in a module to another artifact in a module by using a bidirectional link type. Labels explain the directional relationship of the link. See Link direction. If you create links only between artifacts in the context of modules, the links exist only in those modules and in any copies you make of the module. To link two artifacts that are in different modules by using the drag-and-drop method, you must be working in a Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome browser. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, the drag-and-drop method is supported only between modules that are open in different browser windows.

Note: You can link base artifacts with other base artifacts or with artifacts in the context of a module. Links to and from base artifacts are available in all modules in which those artifacts are used. A blue icon over the artifact type icon indicates linking with a base artifact screen cap indicating the base artifact.
For information about linking in base artifacts, see Base artifacts.


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